Cable sealing sleeve ALUJET Kabelmanschette 8-40mm


The ALUJET cable sleeve is used to create a windproof, airtight, and rainproof bond for cable and pipe penetrations (also empty pipes). Areas of application are vapor barrier membranes, underlays, sarking membranes, and façade membranes.

Application area

The ALUJET cable sleeve adheres to all ALUJET vapor control membranes, ALUJET underlayment and sarking membranes as well as ALUJET façade membranes. It adheres to PE membranes; PA membranes; PP membranes; PET membranes; PU membranes; kraft paper; smooth wood; OSB boards; chipboard*; softwood fibreboard*; gypsum fibreboard; plasterboard; cement fibreboard; metal; plastics; concrete.

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Product count in box


Weight of box

1,12 kg

Boxes on pallet


Pallet size

1,20 x 0,80 x 1,30m

Weight of pallet

196 kg


5 products in package / in box 10 packages

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