About Alujet GmbH

Quality that defines the future: since 1978, ALUJET GmbH has excelled in insulation innovations. Their products not only provide sustainable insulation functionality but also enhance its performance.

Wide Range of Products

Special films and high-technology adhesive products suitable for various construction projects – from pitched and flat roofs to facades, floors, building bodies, dry construction, and engineering communications.

Quality Certification

Operations are certified according to international quality standards, confirming the commitment to providing high-quality services in all aspects of the company.

Product Range

Alujet offers comprehensive solutions for both pitched and flat roofs, providing high-quality products tailored to various construction projects.

Vapor Barriers

A comprehensive range of vapor insulation membranes, ensuring impeccable roof protection.

Roofing Bases

From temporary covers to waterproof support systems, including integrated nail seals.

Adhesives and Sealants

Sealing and windproofing solutions tailored to our roofing products.

Ridges and Connection Rolls

Improvements for rainproof connections and aesthetic integration options.

Orders and Consultation

Contact us to learn more about our offered products or to receive consultations for your specific needs. We are here to help you!