Vapor barrier membrane 100g ALUJET Climajet SD5 75m2 (1.5m x 50m)


ALUJET Climajet SD5 is an airtight, fabric-reinforced, and extremely robust vapor retarder for roof finishing and dry construction. The requirements of the EnEV; DIN 4108 and the requirements of the professional rules of the ZVDH are fulfilled.

Application area

ALUJET Climajet SD5 is a multifunctional vapor retarder for 3 areas of application, such as use from the inside, from the outside for renovation, and use under on-roof insulation. The drying of trapped moisture and moisture decomposition can also be reduced to the inside of the room. Roof constructions without chemical wood preservatives (DIN 68800) are supported with the ALUJET Climajet SD5

Additional information

Weight 11600 g
Rolls on a pallet


Pallet size

1,50 x 0,80 x 1,10m

Weight of pallet

255 kg


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