Vapor barrier membrane 110g ALUJET Climajet SD Vario 75m2 (1.5m x 50m)


With the ALUJET Climajet SD VARIO, we have succeeded in developing a vapor retarder that ensures even more safety for the component and at the same time offers an even wider range of application possibilities. The use of ALUJET Climajet SD VARIO in combination with the proven ALUJET system components enables a wide range of tested system variants for professional roof construction. Approval from DIBt for standard-compliant constructions according to DIN 68800-2 (wood protection standard)

Application area

ALUJET Climajet SD VARIO is a multifunctional vapor retarder for use in pitched and flat roofs. Depending on the object, the installation can be carried out from the inside or from the outside (renovation). Variable moisture vapor retarders are not suitable for use in buildings with a permanently elevated relative humidity of over 60% (e.g. wellness areas, commercial kitchens, swimming pools).

Additional information

Weight 8300 g
Rolls on a pallet


Pallet size

1,50 x 0,80 x 1,10m

Weight of pallet

190 kg

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